Ormiston Electrical was established in 1977 and incorporated in 2001 as Ormiston Electrical Services Limited. We provide a wide range of electrical installation and maintenance works to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the electrical contracting industry.

The qualification and competence of contractors and their operatives is of great importance for electrical safety. During their extensive years in the electrical contracting sector the company has seen, and continues to see many changes and advances in the legislation, regulations and advances of the industry. The company has continued natural progression in training and accreditation promoting the Quality Scheme for National Standards of quality and excellence to assist clients in their confident selection of an ‘approved contractor’.

Ormiston Electrical Services Limited have historically applied these standards maintaining continued Qualification, Technical Assessment and Approved Registration of both the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (N.I.C.E.I.C) and the Electrical Contractors Association (E.C.A). Additionally, the company is registered to the Joint Industry Board (J.I.B) for the electrical contracting industry.

Ormiston Electrical Services Limited are proud to promote their highly skilled workforce all directly employed and from the local Preston, Blackpool and immediate North West area. All Electrical Operatives are registered to the J.I.B and maintain training and qualification with grading to the current National Electrical Services standards. Individual Electrical Operatives are independently initially and periodically screened by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (E.C.S). Operatives carry JIB/ECS identification and grading cards confirming their industry training, qualifications and National Electrical Industry grading. The ECS grading additionally incorporates their individual Health & Safety certification to the ECS/CSCS Electrical Industry standards.

Training in the company is considered to be of ultimate importance to assist in providing representation for the future of the Industry. Significantly, rewards of the highest standards in training have been received to the company and it’s employees nominated and sponsored by E.C.A, Colleges, J.T.L and Industry Suppliers.

Other ‘Approved Contractors’ will agree that new legislation makes the world of electrical contracting a far different one from years past. In today’s world regulations and legislation extensively test the skilled man to qualify him to do more than just the job. The skills, which he now needs to complete the job, are far more extensive to co-ordinate work with certificate documentation. By employing an ‘Approved Contractor’ the client reaps the benefits of a full and regulated electrical service.

Based in Preston, Lancashire, Ormiston Electrical Services Limited currently and reliably supply and service a varied range of clientelle and size of contract, individually responding to pre and post contract support, performance, installation and completion of works and working to efficient response times for periodic maintenance over the local and extended larger geographical area.

We welcome the opportunity to personally introduce our company and our full range of services and look forward to assisting with you enquiry.