Emergency Lighting

View of an emergency exit sign hanging on a ceiling.

Emergency lighting plays a critical safety role by providing sufficient light in the event of mains power failure to the normal lighting.

Emergency lighting systems are designed, installed and maintained in compliance with the recommendations of BS5266.

Emergency lighting is often seen in escape routes and above exits, but they should also be installed in open areas greater than 60m², changes in floor levels, lift motor rooms, high risk areas, over safety equipment, windowless rooms and toilets accommodation exceeding 8m².

Emergency lighting is usually one of two types ‘maintained’ where the fitting provides both normal and emergency lighting and ‘non-maintained’ which provide just emergency lighting.
Maintenance of an emergency lighting system is essential to ensure correct operation and continued reliability and to identify any faults.

All the emergency lighting must be tested monthly. The test is a short functional test (This test can be conducted by the Responsible person or us if you prefer).

All the emergency lighting must be tested for the full duration annually (e.g. 3 hours).

We can provide emergency lighting maintenance, including the monthly and annual test.

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